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her hand. >> scholars from uc berkeley, we talked about how very special we were. we tell you all the time you are special. the mayor, of all the other schools in san francisco, chose to come. and uc berkeley. so the mayor will talk to you a little while. all of our attention is which way? >> well, good morning everyone. >> good morning. >> i want to first begin by thanking your teacher, ms. mayes, for letting me come and be part of your class room today. of course your principal for letting us come to be part of your earthquake preparedness day. how many people know what today is? go ahead? what is that? okay. well, yes. [ indiscernible ] >> that is right. we call it the great earthquake drill. yes. we are getting ready. did you know -- let me give you numbers. 56,000 students in our school district are all participating at the same time. in the cities, 322,000 people are part of this drill, yes. then in the state of california 9.3, from los angeles, san diego, san francisco, all participating in this earthquake drill. that is pretty big large numbers of people that are joining a
, but in the 1950s the fbi opened another resident agency right in downtown berkeley in what was then the great western bank building, today the wells fargo building. and this was a sign that the fbi was increasingly focusing on the fence at the university of california. and in particular, first amendment activities. one way we know this is through the workforce. one of the former fbi agents i interviewed was a man named -- the special agent in charge of the office, and he provided me the personnel roster, and what it showed was approximately 40% or 50% of agents were devoted to security type investigations, and a much smaller proportion were devoted to traditional investigating traditional crime or espionage. so hoover's priorities were very clear. he was focusing on dissent at that time. >> so, i want to move on before, if we can, briefly, you discovered, having expanded since the book came out the role of informants, that is, a people operating at the direction of the fbi, and one of them you develop come in the book and you have subsequent documents, maybe you can explain how you discovered
burning off, high clouds as well, a live look over the berkeley area and traffic moving along there. high clouds will stick around, will show you why in a moment. the winds allowed for fog in the valley but again beginning to burn off. partly sunny to mostly sunny from the bay across inland. 66 in antioch, 54 in santa rosa, 60 redwood city, 61 san joses these numbers cooler than 24 hours ago but with more sunshine we are going to see a turn around. the satellite and radar here watching a weak system move across california. you can see a few sprinkles here. we at home will see the clouds so you look overhead you may notice that. widespread 60s for the afternoon, the high clouds with us. by tomorrow we wake up and dealing with fog again in the morning with more sunshine by the afternoon. afternoon highs expected for today, 68 petaluma. 68 navato, 67 in san rafael. 66 sausalito, light onshore sea breeze, 69 walnut creek, 70 pleasanton, 60s along the east side bayshore there. 69 san jose. 70 degrees los gatos, upper 60s santa cruz. along the peninsula for the afternoons, 68 redwood city, 69 e
tonight. cal is preparing for its first friday night game at home against the washington huskies. berkeley officials are urging fans to take public transit to the game to avoid an already heavy friday evening commute. >> people are cooperating and so far, all of our reports are good. there's not been a particular problem and we just hope it stays that way that people will come on public transportation and, you know, have a great time. >> yeah. cbs 5's roberta gonzales in berkeley tonight where spirited cal fans are entering memorial stadium. how's it looking? >> we are here at the university of california berkeley home of the cal barnes. it's the first friday night light game. people have been streaming in especially in the past 45 minutes. but i have been doing this random poll asking everybody, how did you get here? [ screaming ] >> reporter: and they said the number one reason that they're here is bart. because all these roads are closed behind me here. you cannot enter except by foot. we drove all the way around memorial stadium. it took us a good 45 minutes and we had press parking
.s. navy. after being on the streets, he was able to find help through the berkeley food and housing projects homeless veteran program. >> it was a time in my life when i needed something to hold me. it is holding me. it is holding me steady and giving me a chance to stable myself. now i'm about to get up on my feet because i'm about to get an apartment. >> reporter: according to the program, 6% of the population in alameda county in homeless. in berkeley it is 14% and the number of veterans among them is hard to count. ♪ >> i feel that veterans are invisible to us as a society right now. and we sent them to war, in some cases with fanfare, not always and they come back and we forget about them. >> she is a mastermind behind soldier stories. the performance explores lives of them through searches of songs an poems. proceeds will be give on the the berkeley food and housing project. he says he wants to honor those serving in the million and hopes others there take time to recognize the risk they take for the freedom of others. >> we're proud. from the heart. we give from the heart.
torneo de futbol celebrado por centro comunitario de berkeley >>las costumbres estadounidenses son distintas, pero si estamos acá, tenemos que adaptarnos, es dia de dar gracias a dios. >>lejos de sus familias, muchos inmigrantes encuentran en el balonpie una salida a la soledad en la que viven. >>esto es para vivir momentos de encuentros. >>san giving es una palabra que aprendieron aquí. >>es una palabra especial para nosotros, en nuestros países no se celebra, pero es una alegría estar aquí. >>estamos contentos de estar aquí reunidos. >>y después del torneo a comer pavo, guajolote, chompupe, los nombres varian. >>ahorita estan cocinando un mole riquisimo >>los jornaleros vienen de distintos lugares para reunirse con los jornaleros de berkeley >>el instituto multicultural de berkeley ofrecerá comida el 21 de diciembre. solicita voluntarios para ese dia. >>en este dia de acción de gracias, como cada años la iglesia sirvio 5 mil cenas completas a individuos solitarios y familias. >>los voluntarios planean distrubuir bolsas de comida mañana durante las primeras horas del di
in his own store. >> unexpected. >> in berkeley the search for a wounded deer and whoever decided to shoot it with a bow and arrow. >>> good evening i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. new damage estimated from superstorm sandy could make it the second most expensive storm in u.s. history after hurricane katrina. the estimates are between $30 and $50 billion. that includes economic losses, property damage and lost business. 90 people are known to have died in the storm. that number could go up. 4.5million people in 12 states are still without power tonight. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin has more now. >> reporter: some of the subway lines are rolling again. many people are finding recovery slow. they're out of gas, out of food, and out of patience. tensions flair on the road to new york city. traffic jams and gas lines stretched for miles in a commute of chaos. >> get in front of me. >> reporter: some stations ran out of fuel or power for pumps. triple a says only a third of the stations are open in new jersey and long island. some bridges opened up but police are enforcing a three
into the berkeley curve. a wider view on the maps. you see the slow drive up the incline because of that accident. they hope to get lanes cleared in a few minutes but we're looking at lanes that just cleared with a big rig that was over here at powell causing more slowing coming into berkeley. easing up across the berkeley curve and jammed up at the bay bridge. the rain has not yet hit this issue. it may be an issue along the peninsula because 280, 101, 19 coming through the city, you'll get slick roadways as well. the rain coming through here and san mateo in the next few minutes. we're looking at san jose for heavy rainfall as well. we'll end with this map and talk about what to watch in the south bay for your off-ramps as well coming up. back to you. >>> also happening now, today's weather expected to play a role in what sfo calls its busiest travel day of the season. christie smith is live at the airport this morning which is expecting a record-breaking day. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. so far we've only gotten a little bit of sprinkles here at sfo, but you know i was talki
there called 911 when the boat started taking on water near the berkeley pier. apparently the trouble started when the boat's engine got caught in reverse. the coast guard, harbor master and several department responded and several boaters stepped in to help as well. the boat was towed into the marina. none of the seven people on board was hurt. a dog, cat, and snake were also rescued. >>> a san jose fire captain is recovering tonight after a ceiling collapsed on top of him as he was fighting a fire. the fire broke out around 8:30 last night at the kimberly woods complex on willow leaf drive. the flames raced through six apartments. at one point, while the fire captain was inside a stairwell, a waterlogged ceiling broke loose and fell. >> i was injured by a piece of large sheetrock, ceiling that apparently had fallen in when he was in the stairwell. so it had fallen from a considerable height because he was in the stairwell, about halfway up. >> the firefighter was rushed to the hospital with a concussion and fractured vertebrae in his neck. the fire put at least 18 people out of their homes.
a scuffle with police. it is 7:10 a.m. and we will be right back. there is a shot out of berkeley and the rain is beginning to fall there. there are major delays at sfo and we'll be talking with an airport representative in just a minute. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. offering some of our best values of the year. there's a shot of san francisco we finally have the clouds over the city and rain coming down. mike pelton has been out and has not seen much rain this morning but that last shot showed it really coming down. >> we may be able to salvage the rest of the day and then we have a big storm coming in on friday. let's get to america where we seem storms right now? >> we're officially under the gun as we take the storm tracker 4. a lot of yellow on the screen already. we are picking up some heavy rain in san francisco stretching down the daily cit
freeway if you are headed from richmond towards berkeley, el cerrito into the macarthur maze. it is heavy, crawling, no major stalls or accidents. i had ward still with injury accident north 880 past a street on the right. here's a look at more crowded drives, 101 out of santa rosa, 90 to the san mateo bridge and there's your east shore commute from the carquinez bridge into the maze. >>> still ahead, live to obama campaign headquarters chicago. >> we'll show you the emotional moment from president obama, during one of his last rallies before heading to his adopted home city. >>> we want to see what is happening at your polling place if you get photos or video of long lines or any voting irregularities you can e-mail us also up load photos or video. >>> here's your three-day forecast once again looks like that cooling arrives tomorrow, temperatures drop 10 to 12°. more dropping for thursday into friday today may need the umbrella to shade yourself, temperatures near record highs thursday and friday you want that umbrella for the showers, thunderstorms that are possible, small hail thursd
campus drive in berkeley hills tell cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook that the doe is moving slowly and in obvious pain. >> reporter: if you live in many parts of the bay area, you have to learn to live with your neighbors. >> we see them every day. they come usually and eat up all the plants. >> reporter: she noticed something was wrong with the deer in the backyard of her home. >> i felt sick at the thought someone would do that. >> reporter: the doe had an arrow on its side. and next to her, a fawn. young contacted fish and game and sent out these pictures to people who live in the area. >> completely unexpected from berkeley. >> reporter: chris doan came home to see the two deer in his front yard. >> there was no arrow. >> reporter: shooting deer is illegal in berkeley. but chris has his own theory about how the arrow got there. >> one of the neighbors was upset with her eating out of their garden. >> reporter: the department of fish and game say they will continue the search the berkeley hills looking for the doe and her fawn. they are relying heavily on the people who live in
>>> welcome back. oosh section of contra costa county, along all the way to berkeley, showing wet weather, this is heading over to benicia, concord, pleasant hill. lafayette. walnut creek, moraga, whole 24 corridor is getting wet. there is the dumbarton bridge showing a little wetness headed over to hayward and fremont. more rain offshore so it will be progressively heavier for the back half of the morning commute. heavy rain this morning. another bout in the evening hours. wettest day will be tomorrow. finally drier sunday afternoon and monday. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. >> eric: happening on capitol hill, former c.i.a. director david petraeus is preparing to field questions from lawmakers about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. his appearance before the senate and house intelligence committees come a week after he resigned over an extramarital affair. he is not expected to talk about the scandal. they will ask what the agency knew about the september 11th terror attack in benghazi that killed the in not been to libya and three other americans. katie marzullo
's head out to the east bay where we have mike pelton standing by in berkeley. it >> is just garden to drizzle and san francisco is and the distance. it tapered off and this is what i have seen all morning long. it was start to pick up and then that would taper off. the storms are expected to pick up an issue low occupancy the water and the shot may start a little bit because i have bumped up the camera to show you the water. it is not too bad this morning and we actually died down. it some of the water and waste in the bay here at the berkeley marina. the wind--if you are a morning person that you like to draw this to be the best time for you to do that. i saw a few people heading to the marino with fishing poles and i'm not sure whether not they will be on a bold but this certainly is not the best bolting weather for youatub weather for you. >> this is a one-two punch and the biggest punch will come into thursday into friday morning. a lot of people do not want flooding and in san francisco you can get free salmon eggs if you live in a low-lying area. this about 6500 san bed are a
,000 to $4,000. the improvement is expected to last a year or longer. >>> well, residents in the berkeley hills are on the lookout for injured deer that was shot by an arrow. the doe is wandering around with the arrow sticking out of her torso. this picture was taken of her eating near campus drive. it is illegal to shoot in areas like berkeley. anyone spotting the deer should call the california department of fish and game to come and help this animal as soon as possible. >>> it is about to get loud around east bay city of dublin. tomorrow morning the department of homeland security is directing a training session for a group of government agencies. the alameda county sheriff's office is warning residents that a series of explosions will be heard between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 in the afternoon. the officials say the explosions will not endanger in any people or property. it is just a drill. the weekend is upon us. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with our forecast. >> the warmth is almost near as the weekend is nearing. let's show uh -- show you a time lapse. this is what it looked like,
. >>> well, residents in the berkeley hills are on the lookout for injured deer that was shot by an arrow. the doe is wandering around with the arrow sticking out of her torso. this picture was taken of her eating near campus drive. it is illegal to shoot in areas like berkeley. anyone spotting the deer should call the california department of fish and game to come and help this animal as soon as possible. >>> it is about to get loud around east bay city of dublin. tomorrow morning the department of homeland security is directing a training session for a group of government agencies. the alameda county sheriff's office is warning residents that a series of explosions will be heard between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 in the afternoon. the officials say the explosions will not endanger in any people or property. it is just a drill. the weekend is upon us. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with our forecast. >> the warmth is almost near as the weekend is nearing. let's show uh -- show you a time lapse. this is what it looked like, fog and low clouds and the visibility was fluctuating in some areas
at uc berkeley in 1978. i want to first thank chris's family for allowing me the honor of speaking today as we celebrate chris's amazing life. i look at this crowd. i try to figure out how much he achieved so much while making personal and professional connections and lifelong friends all over the world. this beautiful light-filled rotunda is the perfect seting to celebrate chris's life. he was a true renaissance man and offered a lesson in modern day enlightenment to all he met. some say don't sweat the small stuff. chris was successful because he did pay attention to little details and common courtesis that showed the world that he cared. i think the roots of chris's enlightening character were evident when we were undergrads at cal. i would like to share examples. first of all we will start superficially on the topic of fashion. chris like many of our pledge class was from piedmont. i recall thinking what is up with piedmont. the khakis, penny loafers and button-down shirts? chris lived in the room across from mine. seemed he had adopted this as his uniform. but in hindsight i can see
of california which i am a proud graduate off. we have been able to grow the tech industry thanks to uc berkeley, and the bio tech thanks to uc sf and san diego. and we need to continue to invest in our future and investing in education and investing in uc, and making sure that those intaoutions are protected. i think that government needs to step out by making sure that we are not being overly burdensome. i think that we make the citizen and businesses go to too many places at times. i think that there is a significant amount of bureaucracy that could be cut. >> you mentioned that education is one of the things that government has to be responsible for. >> california used to have a education system that was the envy of the system how do we get it back >> we get it back through funding it. from kindergarten to my time at uc berkeley, i just started dropping off my daughter at kindergarten this year and i am concerned about the state of public education. we fund our kids about $8,000 per pupil that feels like a lot of money, compare that to new york, new jersey, massachusetts, and you are talking
of california at berkeley students walked out of class and rallied calling on sacramento to make good on their promise. >> reporter: that cold weather may have detoured students from campus off. they said they wanted to make sure they knew their commitment to keeping education affordable for all. >> reporter: university of california at berkeley was the scene of a noisy, but peaceful student walk out and rally. protesters want the university to reduce tuition and halt increases, now that prop 30, a tax increase to fund schools passed. he is a grad student who says despite the win, some tuition for grad programs may still increase. >> most important, you have to show we won't accept it. we have to get on the streets and demonstrate here we are. >> reporter: university officials say prop 30 funds will stave $250 million in cuts that could have come. protesters today say they want to use the momentum from the win for education and to fight further fee hikes. last year during demonstrations against hikes, police and student clashed. the university hopes things will be different this time.
radar. it's on our website, >>> and new at 6:00, a political feud between berkeley's mayor and a rival councilmember has turned into a grownup game of musical chairs. and we're not kidding. the two leaders are fighting over where they sit at city meetings. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee on how this became an issue in the first place. >> reporter: it's surprising. with all the issues facing government berkeley's council voted on who is sitting next to whom inside those council chambers. this came at the recommendation of the mayor. but it's like a wedding or dinner and there are politics at play and where you sit says a lot. in the city of berkeley, the chair you choose to sit in has become a political punch line. >> a minute ago, we would just standing here and this guy came up and said, oh, be careful -- or don't sit next to me or be careful where you sit. people say these things. >> reporter: the reason for the chair sensitivity the councilman says is because the mayor doesn't like his policies and there is enough animosity that the mayor doesn't even want to
from the university of california berkeley with a degree in civil engineering. i started with the department of public works in 1984. in 2003, i was asked to come to san francisco public utilities commission to take the meat on the program. i'm responsible for all the large capital projects for water, waste water, and power. it's about $12 billion of capital projects. we have a lot of projects. our water system improvement program, 80 products that span seven counties. we have a staff of about 400 city employees and about 500 consultants. puc is really embracing technology. we wanted to make sure we really had a system that would elevate all issues so we could address them in a timely manner. as you know, time is money. we have a construction management information system. it is a great tool to help us address construction and make it successful, as it is today. cmis is one of the first major tools we put in place. the next one is the san francisco online invoicing, where we are now working with the contractor and consultant to have them submit their invoices online. we a
. >>> uc berkeley chancellor is making a promise to high school students tonight. if they do the work and are admitted into the university of california he says the financial resources this-to-#pooñ them get a college education will be abc 7 news is here with this story. >> you know no one better than he to talk about the value of a college education. the uc berkeley chancellor was a first in his family to graduate from high school, he went on to get his phd from yale. only a few students will end up at cal. the hope is that they'll all end up in college. the chancellor travels to lincoln high in san jose to talk to students about the importance of an education. first, addressing seniors.. >> people will put obstacles in your way. >> the chancellor highlighted there are resources. a family making less than tuition. in 2013 undocumented students on1,"e path to citizenship will be eligible for financial aid. and for those who don't get into cal their freshman year, he reminded them to keep pushing. >> we take in 5,000 students directly out of high school and more than 2000 transfering
and winds are quite gusty. rain is exiting tib are ron but it is wet to berkeley out through moraga and down through san francisco. over to the east bay, hayward and union city and through dublin and livermore a little bit of wet weather. south bay is wet right now. lesser amounts with this system. another couple of hours and then a break. 60s today. >> terry: developing news out of san jose where a police officer is recovering after being wounded in a shooting with robbery suspects. live from san jose with more on the officer and new development with regard to the suspect. >> reporter: that is right. good morning. newest development is one of those suspects now in police custody. one remains on the loose. this following a shootout at this intersection. this is 150 yards from highway 101 a very busy intersection. let's get you to the video last night shortly following that shooting. it followed armed robberies. they spotted and tried to pull over the two men believed to be the suspects after a high-speed chase, one man jumped out and fired at police at this intersection. one of the officers
. but if you want to know who made the werewolves you have to come here to berkeley and tippett studio. not the biggest effects house, but now among the most respected. >> they will show up on the screen and the audience started clapping and stuff like that. we realized hey, this is the studio that did these movies. >> reporter: and these are the men and women who created the wolves. sanjay das is tippett's chief technology officer. he oversaw a huge jump in technology since tippett's started work on "twilight: new moon." >> the first time we did the wolves, we had about two million hair on the wolves. and by the end in the grand finale, we had almost 10 to 12 million. >> a 500% in three years. tippett relied largely on powerful dell machines for its effects, but insists technology is only part of the process. these animators act too. >> if they can act it themselves to get a reference of that and go back to their thing, to the desks and start animating that as well. >> the werewolf? >> yes. and if it's a biped, yes, quaped, not so much. >> it's a worldwide success, something this grou
start from vallejo to berkeley. it has been nice. and of course we always keep an eye on this because sometimes things go wrong. right now things are still doing pretty welcoming into san francisco. if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 traffic off to a good start. i would be very happy if it stayed this way. weather is actually cooperating. speaking of the weather let's go to steve. >> it is indeed. although a little patchy fog. generally you want calm conditions and clear skies. we have mostly clear skies. this system coming in this will disrupt the fog a little bit. north bay down to the virginia lyonnais valley and popping up in the east bay as well. if you see anything you can always tweet me. i love the reports that come in. higher clouds dying system. there is not much too it. it will just fall apart. when you see them come in like this they are toppling over that means they are losing their energy source. areas of dense fog. not as wide spread. low visibility on some of that though. quarter mile orless. dry forecast today and saturday. increasing high clouds is it. and
response this afternoon when they called 911. it happened near the berkeley marina. the boat's earning got caught in reverse and started taking on water. none of the eight people on board was hurt. a dog, cat and snake were also rescued. officials say calm weather played a big role in the smooth rescue. >> luckily it was a calm day on the bay. they weren't dealing with a difficult chop or anything like that. but yeah, they're uneasy. they wanted to get off that boat. >> the boat was towed into the marina for repair. >>> shoppers were everywhere today, and it started really early, actually late last night. shoppers at the mall in livermore were undeterred. ten hours later the lines to get inside were still long. at one store there was a 90-minute wait for an early bird special that had already expired. the hangups didn't seem to damper people's spirits. >> who doesn't love black friday? >> the deal is gone actually. >> we did an hour just to get here and another 30 minutes to park. >> was it worth the hour driving and hour parking? maybe. but it's black friday and that's what you do. >> rep
week night football game in cal berkeley history going to get underway on a friday night with all that traffic. there is a live take a look now so does that mean a traffic jam is going make history as well? police had a plan to ease the problem. >> they did. people coming from other areas and it is working unless you want to walk. it's kind of different on a friday night. players head into stadiums to take on washington huskies .s first ever friday night game on a day of students and staff had a regular class day on campus. you didn't have much of a chance if you're park ntd areas and from downtown berkeley, bart as well as amtrak situation. and there are fields running free shuttle from there as well. >> it's a showcase for cal's new stadium. retro fitted in a cost of $321 million. more than every improvement known to fan kind including permanent lights. we're conscious of the lights we're putting in and wanted to make sure they're limited in terms terms of spillage. so that way it lights the field not the neighborhood. >> for some students a friday night game is a new experience
other areas. 74 in santa rosa. heading out to the east bay, berkeley, hayward, low 70s. inland communities, beautiful. 74 in livermore. for the monterey bay, 68 degrees in monterey. 76 in morgan hill. here is a look at the raiders' forecast this is sunday they will be playing against tampa bay buccaneers. it will be mild to low 70s and sunny, beautiful weather for the accu-weather seven-day forecast, weekend is looking great. warmer monday and tuesday which is election day. mid 80s and low 70s coast. and then cooling it off chance of rain beginning thursday continuing into friday. i told this over and over we get one more hour of sleep. fall back sunday morning. >> carolyn: a chicago man is about to push himself to heights. >> dan: this is wild stuff. zach votter is real bionic man. his leg is replaced with prosthetic. >> he controls the movement west side the thoughts. and he is going to climb willit's tower. >> dan: good for him. >> larry beil is here. >> trouble for the warriors. the game what was one thing but a ♪ [ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car
much about the arab world. then after graduating from the university of california at berkeley, i traveled to north africa as peace corps engineer. i worked as an english teacher in morocco two years and quickly grew to love this part of the world. since joining the service i spent almost my entire career in middle east and africa. one of the things that impressed me were people old enough to have lived and traveled in the united states when we had closer relations. those days are back. we had 1,700 libyans apply for fullbright grants to study in the united states this year, more than any other country in the world. we know that libya is still recovering from an intense period of conflict. there are many courageous libyans who bear the scars of that battle. we are happy we have been able to treat some of your war wounded at u.s. hospitals. we look forward to building partnerships between american and libyan hospitals to help return libya's healthcare system to the extraordinary standards of excellence it once enjoyed. over my shoulder here you can see the u.s. capitol building. in
to participate in. i wanted to mention a couple of examples from the uc berkeley archives in that regard. his typewriter. chris arrived at cal with a beautiful, fancy electric typewriter, a covetted object in that prelaptop and prepc era. chris decided that beautiful machine was too bulky and didn't like being tethered to an electrical outlet. one day he traded it for a little olivetti manual. he was so proud. he loved the tactile sense of klaking away, which he did well. he created great works. the next topic are shoes. as enlightened members of the ato fraternity, our class came up with an idea to have a great gatsby party every year. this was a major event where we had a band, pond and duck. chris wanted to dress the part and was delighted to find a snazzy pair of gaudy wing tips. he seemed undeterred by the fact these were golf spikes and that even after i mentioned to him that he would literally be cutting a rug if he wore those things, he bought them any way and unscrewed the spikes and danced up a storm. the floors needed refinishing any way. chris was one of the first people i knew in
] berkeley voters have approved a measure that targets panhandlers. measure s you see -- san jose voters are saying no to measure e which would allow more card tables for the city's two casinos. in berkeley the incumbent bates winning. >> we'll have up to the minute results throughout the morning. you can get real-time results at we are sending out latest results on twitter. >>> while the numbers are swarming in your head let's put temperature numbers in there too. >> i see a trend there, things going down i am >> much cooler that's the -- big story, wednesday time of change. doppler showing dry air but there's moisture trapped at lower levels we talked about that cloud that would come in, some of the fog, visibility quarter mile santa rosa, a mile half moon bay, anywhere before the surface in the hills around the bay you going to be in thick fog so be careful during the more commute here's a look at the cold front influencing our weather by pushing the sea breeze back into our neighborhoods, coldest air behind in front that is coming in tonight. today the sea breeze kicks
reduction. good afternoon. a student walk out is just getting started at berkeley and the main focus is to mark the first anniversary of a bitter clash between police and occupy protesters. sal joins us live to explain students want to make a point about proposition 30. >> reporter: that's right. it may seem surprising that here we are two days after the election, after proposition 30 passed and students are still walking out. what they wants they want to tell the university that they want the money that is coming in from proposition 30 to go to schools. i will show you here that people are starting to gather. this will be unan event that will last for a while. the protest is set to go with the anniversary of occupy cal. you remember this when officers cleared students and others. these scenes vent viral, nationwide. protests here and other campuses didn't get the attention after students were angry after a continuing rise in tuition and fees. one student said the protest is important because they want to see the money come back. >> the money from proposition 30 isn't guaranteed to
in power. the new legislators will be sworn in on december 1st. >>> berkeley's measure is still counted tonight. now t shows that it is losing. 5 days after the election measure s trailed by about 1400 votes. it would outlaw people sitting on the lawn during business hours. measure t, allowing taller buildings in berkeley is losing by 400 votes. a dramatic rescue. 20-year-old woman, 1-year-old boy and two dogs were pulled from a burning duplex at 10:00 last night. the investigators say the fire started in an outside garbage can it started outside of the house. >>> tonight, an indianapolis neighborhood is a rueip. five homes destroyed and -- ruin. five homes destroyed and dozens damaged from a huge explosion that killed two people. it was felt three miles away and forced the evacuation of hundreds of people. it could take weeks to determine the cause. the two people who died are believed to be a 2nd grade teacher and her husband. >>> several blocks of rodeo drive in beverly hills were empty this afternoon by a bomb threat. an employee found a suspicious box at the front door. attached to
low income students, students in poverty. they get to u.c. berkeley where there is over 34,000 students. as you can imagine, fish out of the water there. not only the academic load but the fact this that they have to work while going to school, there is so much going on with them academically dealing with financial aid and all of that not focused on where they need to be when they leave school which is very short period of time. this is real problem at universities now. students are coming into the university and prepared for their academics but not for the professional world. >> there is a lot of stuff, it's more than just staying in school. it's about professional development and personal skills. >> it's much more than that. that is why we see, when we students identify with career that academics go up naturally. what we provide is a professional development skills like presentation skills and negotiation skills, professional writing. i had no idea when i started the program that most students didn't know how to write a letter. frequently students don't know how to shake
actually lives in berkeley. berkeley does not allow food trucks. they are actually trucking the food in, and trucking the money out. san francisco is not gaining any tax dollars or the magnitude of the money, that is lost by the city sales on brick and mortar are going to go down. this is lut ris that this is happening in the financial district. i am, personally not against food trucks, bring them to the construction sites. one of the speakers that i had last night was sky line construction. they paid thousands of dollars in construction parking permits. they are pulling cars up and staying there for two hours and then the truck pulls up and it is almost like a sweeper, you know, when it is in the neighborhood, somebody puts the car and they wait for it to come and the same thing, the people are fighting, i know that people are fighting over this. the other thing on the second street issue, there is currently a huge construction going on. it is going on for a month. all the way down second street. no construction, this is an example of a construction truck right in front of harvison row
on uc berkeley property. but authorities are telling us this evening, although they are not giving me the identity of this man who this happened to, they are saying he was not affiliated with the university and at this time they're saying it does not appear this incident was foul play, although they are still investigating. christin ayers, cbs 5. >>> two young women turned the table on a burglar when he broke into an apartment on playa del rey in san rafael. juliette goodrich says the women left their mark on that suspect. >> reporter: they certainly did. it's an amazing story. these brave women, ages 18 and 19, are probably alive today because of a cell phone and their attacker's knife. neighbors in the playa del rey apartments recall hearing something unusual last night. debra thinks back 24 hours ago. >> when we were just turning off the tv and getting ready to go to bed, with ejust heard like a shouting -- we just heard a shouting noise and just had assumed it was neighbors in the neighborhood. >> reporter: but police say debra may have been hearing the shouting cries for help fr
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